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Beauty just is,
She WAS not, nor WILL BE,
Beauty is bliss,
Lost in freedom for she is naturally free.

Beauty is a kiss,
Where you and me disappear into we,
Beauty is peace,
Without a need for reason to look and just see.

Beauty is realization,
Overwhelmingly simple and powerful,
Beauty is knowing everything is perfection,
Isn’t she beautiful

Beauty is the end of questions with just answers,
She is unasked, yet known,
Beauty is the discovery of all discoverers,
She is found though never hidden, in clear radiance on her diamond throne.

Beauty is a gentle beast,
That sings and dances without care,
Beauty is a simple feast,
That completely satisfies one’s hunger; she is beyond compare.

Beauty is you,
So fragile, so helpless and bewildered,
Beauty is true,
She is real and flows as ecstasy unhindered.

Beauty is living,
In a dream called reality,
Beauty is dying,
Especially when she is embraced innocently as immortality.

Beauty is the answer within the plea,
Like a small seed containing a giant tree,
Beauty is this foolish attempt to make you see,
Yourself through me.

Beauty is the hands of time,
Who without a word separates all from timeless eternity,
Beauty is six alphabets composed together as a word in a line,
Understood as something from an infinite possibility.

Beauty just IS,
She is not WAS, nor is she WILL BE,
Beauty IS, she was IS and will be IS,
She is the past and future inseparable,
And manifest as NOW in a kiss.

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